IATA Travel & Tourism Consultant


  1. Students who have completed the Foundation Course
  2. Agents in travel agencies or home based with some industry experience
  3. Staff of tour operators, consolidators and call centers
  4. Airline passenger sales agents working in reservations, sales, marketing, or ticket offices


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the most popular international travel & tourism destinations
  • Answer queries and give advice about travel & tourism products such as rail, bus and coach transportation, accommodation cruises and tours
  • Interpret IATA Resolutions as they apply to accredited travel agencies
  • Adopt effective selling skills in a Consultancy roles
  • Construct more complex fares and routines and manage ticket exchanges and follow BSP procedures


M2.1 Geography in Travel planning 2

M2.2. Land Transport: Rail 2

M2.3. Land Transport: Bus and Coach

M2.4. Accommodation (other than Hotels)

M2.5. Water Transport: Cruise 2

M2.6. Tour Production and Group Travel

M2.7. Laws and Regulations

M2.8. Selling Skills

M2.9. Air Fares and Ticketing 2 / BSP Standard Traffic Documents and Procedures

The IATA students will use for their training printed but also electronic material. The entire training kit is offered byInternational Air Transport Association (IATA) in partnership with United Federation of Travel Agents’Association (UFTAA), with the aproval of Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors (CITC).