IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism

The diploma is required for employees of tourism agencies in order to receive the IATA accreditation, according to the specific criteria established by IATA Romania. Tourism agencies must employ, with full time and permanent contract, at least one IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism Diploma holder, agent capable of selling, issuing and reporting the GDS activities through the BSP system.


  1. Students in the tourism field, but also others interested in working in this field and achieving an international recognition
  2. Employees in the Travel & Tourism industry (travel agencies, airlines, call centers)
  3. Entry level managers
  4. Middle-management in the travel industry
  5. Agency back office employees
  6. Agency business owners


  • Efficiently plan personalized itineraries
  • Make travel arrangements using the standard codification system within the industry and the technology of the global distribution systems
  • Offer support and consultancy to tourists regarding the international travel documents, medical requirements, formalities, visa regulations and health insurances.
  • Understand and differentiate the characteristics and advantages of tourist products and services, including those in the transportation field (airlines, railways, cruises), car rental, hotel and tourist circuits
  • Establish the basic tariffs in air transportation, explain the paying procedures and the cancellation policy
  • Learn more about management roles and responsibilities in the travel industry within organizations


M1.1.The Travel and Tourism Industry and the Travel Professional

M1.2. Geography in Travel Planning 1

M1.3. Travel Formalities

M1.4. Air Transport Essentials

M1.5. Land Transport: Introduction to Rail

M1.6. Land Transport / Car and Camper

M1.7. Hotel Products and Services

M1.8. Water Transport: Ferries and Cruises 1

M1.9. Tour Packages 1

M1.10. Serving the Travel Customer

M1.11. Technology in the Travel Industry 1

M1.12. Fundamentals in Air Fares and Ticketing 1

M1.13. Electronic Booking Tools training online (Booking systems: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre or Abacus, possibility to choose).

The IATA students will use for their training printed, but also electronic material. The entire training kit is offered by International Air Transport Association (IATA) in partnership with United Federation of Travel Agents’Association (UFTAA), with the approval of Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors (CITC).