• There are 4 examination sessions, in March, June, September and December.
  • The 3 hours examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and a pass mark of 60% is required.
  • Students achieving a pass mark of 90% at their first attempt will receive a Diploma with Distinction.
  • The examination days are scheduled by IATA on a global scale.
  • The examination must be taken within the enrollment validity period stated in the Exam Voucher.
  • Each student has a maximum of 2 attempts to pass the examination paper within the enrollment validity period. The enrollment validity period consists of six exam sessions. If the student fails the examination twice, his enrollment will be cancelled.
  • All candidates’ examination results will be mailed from IATA to the ATC RAU 4-6 weeks after the examination.
  • In case of lost of the certificate or diploma, it is possible to receive a duplicate of it, provided that the request is made within five (5) years of completing the course or diploma in question.
  • This exam is brought by IATA Romania and is held at ATC RAU, in Bucharest.